Informed choices. Smarter decisions. Managed solutions.


TDM is a business solutions provider chartered to help business clients navigate the complexities of upgrading and migrating their communication or business operations technologies.

We help our clients to fully understand their options, select the best technology solution, negotiate the best price, and mitigate risk.

Our two divisions,
TDM Communications and Cloud Group and TDM Business OpTech Group,
service primarily mid-market and larger enterprises across North America, as well as widely distributed international firms.

Through our commission-based revenue partnership with major communication and operations technology providers, we are generally able to offer our services to our customers at no cost.

Cloud and Communications

Every CEO and successful business leader weighs the risk of every decision made. TDM is a real solution provider for your business with a singular focus of helping you minimize your risk when upgrading your communications services to a more suitable provider, robust platform or UCaaS, or migrating on-premises infrastructure or services to cloud-based solutions.

We accomplish this by helping you to:
Understand all of your options regarding available product and service levels, thereby enabling you to make wise, fully-informed decisions appropriate for your business requirements.
Ensure that you are able to make apples-to-apples pricing comparisons, negotiating and getting the best possible pricing.
Coordinate and manage the implementation of your solution.
Access comprehensive, ongoing one-call support for your entire solution (all providers) through our remarkable “TDM Resolve”TM Support Center.

Business OpTech

OpTech, the intersection of operations and digital technologies, is a relatively new area for businesses. Sitting somewhere between the responsibilities of the Director of Operations and the CTO or IT Manager, OpTech brings a new set of challenges, with myriad service providers, vendors, and equipment manufacturers each offering their own solutions.

TDM can help you to understanding the changing services portfolios and pricing structures, and assemble a custom service portfolio just right for your business, whether is comprises a single vendor, or literally dozens of vendors.

LED Lighting
HVAC & Energy Management
Premises Security & Monitoring
Secure Entry Systems