Robert E. Bowling CEO & Founder

Robert Bowling founded TDM in 1999, at the dawn of the evolving new age for digital telecom services.

Robert’s primary role is coaching a very talented employee group while charting a course for serving tomorrow’s digital enterprise.

As UCaaS, Cloud services, IoT and distributed virtual global enterprises change the face of businesses and how they serve their customers, Robert helps ensure that TDM stays at the forefront of innovation, customer-value and competitiveness.

For Robert, the most exciting thing is to be able to hear the challenges a business faces, then help them source, implement and manage the precise technology solution we need to make their business more successful. As technology options broaden and inherent risks multiply, Robert ensures that TDM continues to fulfill its charter as an indispensable partner for successful business.

Jeff Mead President

Jeff Mead is responsible for TDM’s overall growth, market strategy and culture.

Jeff is a driven, imaginative, entrepreneurial-minded sales strategist with a solutions-based management style. As the pace of this industry changes, Jeff takes pride in being a lifelong learner with the ability to assimilate information from different sources, see around corners and make accurate predictions that deliver even greater value to TDM clients.

As a servant leader, Jeff strives to bring out the best in his team and is extremely passionate about delivering value and helping others to succeed.

A 25-year telecom industry veteran, Jeff has designed, sold, implemented, and managed global Cloud, Voice, and Data networks for government agencies, large corporations and non-profits. Previously, he served in a variety of sales, technical and leadership roles at several telecom firms, including Corvisa, AMD, TNCI and One Communications.

Jeff is thrilled to be with TDM because we are able to anticipate and be on the leading edge of this rapidly changing industry.

Joe Paulin Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Joe Paulin is responsible for TDM business development, strategic forecasting, team building, and complex negotiation management for TDM.

Joe Paulin is a customer-focused, results-driven business executive with extensive experience in telecommunications and telecommunications leadership roles. He is recognized for his ability to build, guide and sustain high performance teams.

Joining TDM in 2018, Joe brings over 30 years in the industry, most recently serving as Vice President and General Manager of TW Telecom.

Jennifer Redmond Vice President, Operations

Jennifer Redmond, TDM’s Vice President of Operations, provides oversight, strategic guidance and training to the TDM Resolve Support Team. In this capacity, she is responsible for delivering the exceptional TDM customer experience that has become a hallmark of the organization.

Jennifer began her relationship with TDM as a customer. She valued the service TDM brought to the company so much that she joined the TDM Team. Now, 15 years later, she has worked her way up in the TDM organization to the position of Vice President of Operations.

Jennifer is a passionate, customer-service professional, with a keen eye toward detail, responsiveness, and responsibility. She brings diligence and discipline to her role, and, each day, remains excited about the ways in which TDM helps businesses use available technology to better serve their clients and their business needs.

Brad Fenton Vice President, Channel

Brad Fenton is responsible for TDM’s Channel sales organization in the U.S. and plays a critical role in the company’s growth strategy.

An entrepreneurial leader with a passion for emerging technology solutions, Brad brings over 27 years of experience in the communications, IT, networking, and Cloud-based solutions industries.

As TDM's business consulting role advances, Brad ensures TDM maintains "Most Valuable Partner" status. His skills complement TDM’s ever-expanding portfolio of services and solutions that has gained us a competitive edge in the rapidly changing technology space. He has amassed an impressive track record of building, directing, managing and motivating sales organizations thru the direct and indirect sales channel.

Prior to joining TDM in 2006, Brad held several leadership positions in the direct and indirect channels.