TDM Resolve Support Center

How it Works

TDM Communications and Cloud solutions include full, ongoing, live-person support, regardless of the complexity of your solution, with our remarkable 24x7 TDM Resolve U.S.-based support—a single call for any type of support, related to any of your service or equipment providers.

If you’ve ever tried getting quick support or problem resolution from most any service provider, you know how timesaving and invaluable this service could be.

If multiple suppliers or providers are required to resolve your issue, we’ll coordinate that for you. You’ll never have to spend one more minute on hold with an unresponsive supplier.

Our vast provider network and deep, long-term relationships foster faster provider response time, appropriate attention and escalation, and rapid resolution.

Introducing TDM Resolve Invoice Management. Utilizing our telecom and technology expense management software means:

  • Building an accurate real-time inventory
  • Gathering all of your telecom bills in one centralized place
  • Looking for overages and errors through a telecom audit
  • Searching for contract violations, and
  • Getting rid of waste to save money

TDM Resolve Invoice Management offers:

  • Inventory Management
  • Bill Auditing Tools
  • Detailed Cost Allocation
  • Invoice Processing
  • Contract Tracking and Change Management
  • Wireless and Wireline Resource Optimization
  • Multi-user Flexibility and Security Settings
  • AP Integration
  • Custom Reporting Capability
  • Greater Visibility with Dashboards

Choose the solution that's right for your business, your technology environment, and your team.

If you’re struggling with a lack of inventory, managing invoices through spreadsheets, unnecessarily paying late fees, or struggling with a lack of resources or expertise to manage your contracts and volume of billing, this platform can address it all.