Core Competencies

As a virtual extension of your in-house team, TDM provides you with virtual core competencies in the three areas needed to design and execute your solutions: Technology Consulting and Engineering, Product Management, and Project Management.

Technology Consulting and Engineering

We’re technology experts in the fields of data, traditional voice, UCaaS, cloud migration, wireless, network design, procurement and vendor management. Depending on your business requirement, we can act as a reassuring touchstone in validating your team’s proposed solution or, if needed, take the lead in designing a customized solution for you based on an in-depth understanding of your business need.

We’re able to provide whatever level of engineering support you need…generally at little or no cost to you. (An exception would be a highly complex, multi-phase or multi-discipline solution requiring extensive advanced engineering or design.)

Product Management

The vast array of communications and technology service providers and their offerings can be bewildering to any business decision-maker. With more than 350 provider partners, a record in our industry, TDM is an unbiased and fully informed sourcing expert who understands all potential providers for communication services, their offerings, pricing, and service advantages/disadvantages.

Every solution we assemble for you is customized specifically for your strategic business goals, customer needs, and operational requirement.

Project Management

TDM realizes our job is only starting when upgrades are selected and contracts signed. We do all the heavy lifting in getting your solution implemented…a great relief to many businesses that are already over-stretched. We’ll coordinate the scheduling, deal with the carriers or providers, and, most importantly, be there to resolve any issue that needs addressing. Having sequential quality gates built into our implementation process ensures that services are installed and working without a hitch.

The day your new systems come online won’t be a day for stress, but a day you and your team start to benefit from your solution.