Why TDM for Business Operations Technology Solutions

Business Operations Technology upgrades can be expensive and disruptive. Why risk making the wrong, or less optimal, solution for your business? TDM exists to help you make the right decision and investment. We’re fully agnostic regarding brands and service providers…our sole commitment is to YOU, our customer.

The question isn’t, why would you work with TDM. The question is, why wouldn’t you?

Understand all of your options.

Business Operations Technology, the intersection of operations and digital technologies, is a relatively new area for businesses. Sitting somewhere between the responsibilities of the Director of Operations and the CTO or IT Manager, Business Operations Technology brings a new set of challenges, with myriad service providers, vendors, and equipment manufacturers each offering their own solutions.

TDM can help you understand the changing service portfolios and pricing structures, and assemble a custom service portfolio just right for your business, whether it comprises a single vendor, or literally dozens of vendors.

Negotiate your best price.

Making apples-to-apples price comparisons for Business Operations Technology solutions isn’t as easy as it might seem. We can help you to normalize costs, service levels and feature sets to get a clearer comparative view. And as a national business solutions provider, we bring long-established relationships that often provide more pricing leverage and options than you would likely be able to negotiate yourself.

Benefit from TDM implementation management.

We’ll fully project-manage your implementation, from scheduling coordination to systems integrations to testing and issue-resolution. Don’t tie up your valuable resources worrying about whether this is all going to work. When you work with TDM, we’ll make sure it does!

Better service your customers.

TDM has successfully improved the business performance and profitability of innumerable clients by improving efficiencies and fostering more successful customer engagement. Decisions about business technology aren’t simply operational…they can be mission-critical.

No cost in most cases.

The TDM revenue model is based on provider commissions. Typically, we do not charge you anything for our services at any time, even for ongoing support. If there is ANY fee, you will be fully quoted up front. Consulting services, in the case of highly complex engineering or extensive, multi-phase implementation services, are available on a paid basis.


"During high-demand restaurant days (weekends, holidays…) we knew that we were losing business due to the limited capabilities of our phone and reservation system, but we had no way to quantify it. After several years of trying to find a solution we decided to present our problem to TDM. Within weeks TDM had designed a solution. Testing across several of our restaurants documented an immediate increase in business. As we roll out the TDM solution, to hundreds of our restaurants across the U.S., we’re able to clearly document an increase in business during high-demand days at nearly every location."

- John P.,
On behalf of a national restaurant chain